Picking the brain of a Graphic Designer
My brain starts creating at the first open eye of the morning till my last thought before sweet slumber (sometimes it does not turn off even when I am sleeping). In between waking and sleeping, my creative juices are flowing to maximum capacity. With fingers flying on the keyboard and my mouse circling and clicking, I have developed an uncanny ability to turn a general idea into a visual work of art for my clients, paying close attention to the details of your project and the market you are reaching out to. I toot my own horn (because this is my sell copy) by saying I have a great eye for aesthetic design, a in-depth knowledge of fonts and professional typography, a flair for color, and a solid understanding of the needs of each one of your projects. All of this in addition to being an expert with Adobe's great typography and graphic design software.

What makes my job great is that I honestly love what I do and I have been creating for over 25 years. Creating catalogs, flyers, sell sheets, ads, packaging, t-shirts, forms, labels, websites and more is my life. I have worked though designers, ad and marketing agencies to create product for Office Depot, Topps Business Forms, Valspar Paint, Dominicks, True Value, Ace Hardwware and many more. See my resume and samples to get a small taste of my talents and qualifications. Take a peek if you will and see where you can put my talents to work for you.

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